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Forms can be sent via email, fax, photographed for text or dropped off to our office. To be valid, all applications must be signed by each tenant on the rental agreement so that all those that reside at the property in the same rental unit are aware of the maintenance issue that will be addressed.  When a request for maintenance has been made, it is your responsibility to inform all residents of your unit regarding the entry of trades, service personnel, inspection and so forth.

Please be advised that clogged toilets, kitchen sink drains, shower drains and bathroom sink drains are usually clogged due to whiskers, hair, excessive toilet paper or human excrement caused by the tenant during occupancy.  If this the case, tenants will be billed for the repair and payable to Koor Property Investments Inc. and due 7 days after billing.

LEVEL ONE: Emergency will be handled within 72 hours but likely sooner and deals with water, water damage, fire or any other significant damage. Timelines will depend upon availability of staff and the nature of the emergency.  In case of fire call 911.  Please have your insurance information at the ready and take note of what coverage you have.

LEVEL TWO: Requires attention that is deemed to affect safety such as non-working or absent smoke alarm or CO detector, broken window, clogged or slow drains, non-working appliances and so on.  These fixes usually occur within 3 weeks however depends on other priorities, available staff and severity of issue.

LEVEL THREE: Scratched counter tops, loose cabinet handles, walls that have nail holes and so on are deemed either cosmetic or still operable and can be used regularly without interference.  These items may or may not be addressed during your tenancy but rather addressed after the unit is vacant.


Maintenance Details


Dog Licensing


Dog owners in Cambridge need to register and license their dog annually. This must happen before January 1st of that year or within 30 days of becoming the owner of a dog.


When dog owners are applying for their annual license, they must provide proof that their dog has had a rabies vaccine, provided by a certified vet, within the past 2 years.


Not only is it required in accordance with the Bylaw 172-13, but a dog license is another form of identification for your dog.  Further, Section 2.3 must also be applied.


Excerpts from the Cambridge City Bylaw 172-13:


Section 2.1: Licensing and Registration states that "every owner of a dog residing within the City shall cause the dog to be registered and licensed annually on or before the 31st day of December in the previous year OR within thirty (30) days of becoming an owner of a dog.”


Section 2.3: Rabies Inoculation states that “upon application for a license the owner of a dog shall be required to produce a certificate signed by a practicing veterinarian that the dog has been inoculated with an anti-rabies vaccine within a period of twenty-four (24) months prior to the date of application for a license.”


When a dog is wearing their tag and is found by a member of the public or by an Animal Services Officer, your information is available and can then quickly reunite you with your dog.


A “free ride homemay be available for you if your dog ends up in the City Pound if:

  • Your dog is wearing a current/valid Cambridge City Tag

  • Your dog is not causing a disturbance while loose

  • Your dog is not a repeat visitor to the pound

CURRENT FEES until December 31, 2018

Regular: $55.00 (per dog/per year)

Spayed/Neutered: $30.00 (per dog/per year)


Seniors (65 years +): receive a 50% discount of the tag price

Owners with disabilities: receive a 50% discount of the tag price


As of January 1st for that year’s tag, a $30.00 late fee will be added to the tag price.

Example: 2018 Dog Licenses are required to be paid prior January 1, 2018


A $2.00 mailing charge will be added to your purchase at the time of payment.


If your dog loses its current dog tag, a $10.00 fee for replacement can be purchased at the City Pound.


For information on the importance and the laws regarding vaccinating against the rabies virus, please visit the Region of Waterloo Public Health for more information.


Dog tags are available for purchase starting October 1st of each year.


All tags can also be purchased in person at the Cambridge City Pound. This is the only location where dog tag licenses are available.

New dog tags must be purchased at the pound with the appropriate vet certificates for rabies vaccination and spay/neuter proof (if applicable).


All service dog tags must be picked up in person at the pound with proof of certification.

Please visit the Animal Services Cambridge website for more information on dog licensing.



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